Thursday, January 3, 2013

From New Orleans, With Love

I thought I'd post a photo of one of Christmas presents I gave Tobe.  Ever heard of Moo? is a company specializing in printing services (business cards, postcards, brochures, etc.). In the past, I've bought business cards for Re-Used Muse. Then I discovered their half-size cards, which a lot of business use as price tags.  As I research for my upcoming wedding, I'm also discovering lots of brides are using them in wedding invitation suites as a means of including photos, registry information, or directions to their personal wedding websites.

Anyway, I get a daily e-mail from, and one of the daily deals was a set of 100 mini cards AND a frame that showcases 20 of the cards.  The cool thing about is that you can upload 100 different images. I uploaded 30 images and got approximately 3 of each. My next order of business is to use the remaining cards to make a mosaic for his parents and my mom. I'm going to have to get creative on the frame situation though. Perhaps a thrift store tour is in order. I think I can come up with a good composition.

This morning, my dog barked more ferociously at the mailman than normal. That meant we had a package.  I discovered my friends, Tracey and Jesse, had sent us something.  Tobe was still sleeping, so naturally I woke him up for a package opening ceremony.  In addition to a sweet note that had me tearful, Tracey and Jesse sent along two gifts.  First, there was this cute little clay ornament.  It's so delicate that you can see the fingerprint ridges of the craftsperson who so lovingly (and patiently) fashioned all those tiny leaves.
And this frame.

Anyone who knows me knows that my visits to New Orleans have resulted in a love affair with the city and its people (and Facebook friends who are New Orleans burlesque dancers...and a strange inkling to learn the art of burlesque, but that is a story for another time...). Bergeron Woodworks, according to its packaging, makes frames  "using materials salvaged from homes and businesses in and around historic New Orleans.  This reminds me of the last summer I spent in New Orleans. Among the many memories, I recall going yardsaling with Tracey and Jesse. After Katrina, there were people selling pieces of houses and rusted ironwork. It amazes me what beauty can come from disaster.

The frame also reminds me of the work of one of my favorite artists, Dolan Gaiman. You can see some of his work HERE. And my birthday is in April, so if anyone wants to get me this bear print, feel free ;)

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