Monday, December 31, 2012

Flower Trio

quilled flowers tutorial HERE

paper flower ornaments tutorial HERE

rolled paper flowers tutorial HERE

I'm finding that the adhesives I have handy are insufficient. The round ornament popped open shortly after I made it. The same is true of the yellow rose.  I guess I need to dig out a hot glue gun or grab some E6000.

The more flowers I make, the more I'm inspired to create some sort of spectacle with them.  A lot of flowers in one area would make a big impact.  Perhaps I could attach them to a large piece of paper or hang them from the gazebo or make an arch like THIS or THIS

Also, it's really my goal not to buy any more paper. I'd like to use the paper I have, even if it means altering it or painting it in order to get it to match colors.  There's also the possibility of using the wallpaper samples books I have.

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