Sunday, January 6, 2013

What To Do With Paper Leftovers

In the last couple weeks, I've been creating paper flowers of all sorts.  Most of the designs require that I use a large circle punch. This leaves a lot of extra paper that I'm unwilling to simply throw away or recycle.  Thus, today, I made lengths of bachelor button garland. I'll sort the remaining paper into color families and will send it through the paper shredder.  It will then be added to a blender, and it'll be resurrected as handmade paper.  That part of the process will likely be happen when the weather turns warm though.

Honestly, I don't recommend this. It was a headache in more ways than one.  First, the punching is hard on the hands. And then there is the tangling.  As I went to neatly wind the garland around this cardboard for the sake of storage, I unearthed a tangle that made me want to cry. Tobe said, "Do you want some help? I'm a fisherman. Fishermen know knots." He is patient, but even he gave up. I got it. And now, after a two-mile walk with my man and my dog through our snowy neighborhood, I am both physically and creatively tired. I need to find a new TV series to watch on Netflix. It's one of those days.

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