Friday, February 22, 2013

Evolution of a "Save the Date"

Artists have it tough. They have it tougher when they're getting married and the bride-to-be asks the artist to (no pressure!) render their likenesses in watercolor form for the sake of a save the date announcement.

 And thus began Tobe's task. I believe this was his first attempt at me.

 His second effort resulted in his own likeness, which I think is spot-on, and a painting of me, which looks sort of like me. Nonetheless, I approved of the likenesses and asked if those likenesses could be placed end to end--like a playing card. I also asked for certain information to be placed in the corners.

At this stage, all hell broke lose, as we encountered communication problems from trying to text about the idea and proposed changes. Thus, when I suggested that he place a banner between us, the result was 4 small banners...which I hated. And it was permanent.

 This led to him cutting out our images and vowing that he would do the playing card look and then sort of graft our heads onto the design.

 Disembodied Head #1
Disembodied Head #2
Once he had the playing card designed, he realized there was no way those large heads would fit with the playing card composition. And thus, our final design was born. The design we sent out is a graphic, rather than complex like the watercolors. I like how it showcases our colors (aqua and red) and how the faces are most definitely us.

Friends have joked and asked why Tobe has a sword running through his head, and they have implied that it's because he's getting married.

People laugh when they see that the lady in the card is rocking my signature Cindy Crawford-esque mole, and she has my prominant chin.

They turned out well, I think. There were a few bumps in the printing I forgot in our head count to order the number per household and not for every individual in each household. Thus, I think we ordered 150, when really 50 were called for.

Also, I'm detail-oriented and painstakingly punched each corner in order to achieve the rounded playing card effect. It was worth the sore hands.

And now I'm into the invitation process. We agreed that I would be the artist in charge of the invitation fronts. Thus you'll see some sort of collage and probably some tactile elements--perhaps some sewing or some ribbon or buttons, etc.

And, in the spirit of fairness,  Tobe will have every right to drive me mad with requests for revision.

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