Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Card for Kate

Jennifer McGuire has created a new card drive for sick children and their families. I encourage you to read each of their stories and to make time to create just a tiny little bit of sunshine in their lives. You can read about it at:

For those crafty souls out there, it may help to know that they are giving away craft items once per month. For every child you write to, you are entered into a drawing for some really great products.

However, I think if you read about them and look at their photos and visit their blogs, that will be the only motivation
you need. I read about 5-year-old Kate this morning. This beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed girl likes to paint, and she loves her puppy. She should be spending her time doing things all 5-year-old girls do. Instead, her world is blood counts and hospitals and all things that revolve around brain cancer.

The card at the beginning of the post is what I created for Kate. I plan to create a card for each of the 8 kids. I hope all my friends will consider sending cards too.

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