Thursday, August 1, 2013

Staged, Photographed, and Boxed

I'll admit I'm kind of a control freak. If I could, I'd set up each and every component of the wedding. However, I know eventually I'll have to hand decorating duties over to other people. I figure I'll try to have it as organized as possible. I'll try to have it labeled and even have a photo attached to boxes, so people know my mindset.
 Reception: Couple's table.
 Close-up of couple's table components
Reception: Guest tables
Guestbook table components
 Close-up of guestbook table left side. I still cannot find my grandmother's wedding photo. I was planning to put it in the frame.
 Close-up of guestbook table right side. One of my favorite elements is the sea shells I saved from Puerto Rico. There's even a tiny crab claw in there...and the tiniest bit of sand. That book on the stand has been painted with chalkboard paint, and I'll write a little note there.

I'm not sure if these will be the plants I keep here, but they were closest...

Labeling for the candy bar

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  1. Oh my goodness my grandmother had that exact floral table cloth, I love it. I am defenitly a person with an eye for detsil as well. I loved the idea of having a candy bar as well, as I have just a little sweet tooth.