Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sewing Up a Storm

33! That's the number of ties I've sewn together in order to make a tablecloth for the cake table. I got the idea from a quilt pattern someone posted to Facebook.  When you follow the link, you actually find this really cool blog all about making things with neckties:

The pattern I found actually made use of 44 ties, but I'm starting to wonder how that's actually done. I've yet to think about how I will create a finished back for the tablecloth or how I will make something for the center. I'm not sure I have those sewing skills.

Several people have asked me what I'll do with the tablecloth after the wedding. I'm thinking it might be a nice thing to pull out on anniversaries, or maybe I'll enlist a quilter's help to make it into a blanket that is of more use.

This won't be my only sewing project. I'm also making prayer flags made of upholstery sample books. I  came across them at my local Goodwill and figured I'd buy them and either make a quilt or something. They were pretty time intensive, as you have to tear apart the book and then remove the informational paper backing.

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