Saturday, April 6, 2013

Art of the Bargain

I'm finally getting around to altering some of the thrift store purchases I've made.  I'm pretty proud of the price tags. Yes, I know it takes time to craft, and yes, time IS money, but I like doing it.

Some of these things are really hideous and thus worth the $1 or $2 price tag. However, I'm in need of display boards, particularly chalk boards.
 This is our kitchen table turned art space. Before you go feeling sorry for Tobe, I should note that we NEVER eat at this table.
 I'm making some cool serving trays. One will be covered with rulers, and another will be covered with those awesome little wooden bingo numbers.

 Completely unrelated, I'm going to a friend's bridal shower, and so I made this card. I particularly like the "application for marriage" background and the ad for a diamond ring.

I also made this explosion box in her wedding colors. It will house the bride's gift.